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The Mind, Body and Spirit, three elements in defining one's true self.  Each element is dependent upon another to thrive. To respect each  element for its function is to embrace life.

Gayatri Mantra
Deva Premal (The Essence)

The Mind, a very strong element of Self . Its value is priceless making its control attractive to many. The mind will always incorporate coping mechanisms to protect  itself;  therefore discipline is critical in its maintenance.  What are you  doing to discipline  your  mind ?

The Body,  a vital element of Self .  Its function is critical in the survival of the mind however it does not control the mind. We are afforded the use of a body, so that we can exist on this Earth.  Among its many functions, the body is needed to effectively complete daily task independently so we must respect it.   What are you doing to assist the body in completing this task?

The spiritual element of  Self. This element is different than the Mind and Body, for they are subject to time. The Spirit is eternal and connects the three to  maintain the rhythm . We are spiritual beings wrapped in a human form.  The spirit recognizes that a there is a force greater than ourselves.  Do you have a relationship with the one you believe  created you?