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Daddy's Home

Posted on April 23, 2015 at 7:55 PM

Good morning to all my viewers today's Blog post is called "Daddy's Home". This is posted in honor of Father's Day.


Daddy's Home

The front door squeaks,

familiar fragrance fills the air.

My Daddy's home,

he is finally here.


Sitting quietly,

in the chair in the den.

Waiting patiently for me

and my sister to come in.


Large hands tapping his legs,

I sat on his right knee.

My ear seeking the rhythm,

of his steady heartbeat.


A man of few words,

pearly teeth glistening.

There's no mistaken his love,

I know now he was proud of me.


For time has passed,

the leaves have fallen once more.

How I long for the squeak,

of the now battered front door.


As I walk through the entranceway,

of the deserted den.

There awaits the chair,

however empty and barren.


As a child growing up,

the assumption is there will always be.

Never thought of the day,

I miss the man I called Daddy.



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